Littlehampton branch of Wimpy misses out on Good Food Guide restaurant of the year yet again

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There was disappointment in Littlehampton as their Wimpy restaurant on the High Street missed out being named the Good Food Guide restaurant of the year yet again.

There was controversy last year when it emerged that the compilers of the Good Food Guide hadn’t even visited the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy, effectively ruling out of any chance of it being named restaurant of the year with no one even sampling a meal.

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall won the prestigious title.

“Well, look, nothing against Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, I’m sure it does some great food,” said Simon Williams, manager of the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy.

“Although, I understand that it’s a fish restaurant, so that seems a bit limited to me.

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“But the fact is, we’re a great little restaurant, you can get a bender in a bun, a brown derby, or you can just get a nice cup of tea and read the Littlehampton Gazette. Tuesday evenings, we’ll do a free Fanta with every meal.

“Now, you can’t tell me that Restaurant Nathan Outlaw can do all that.”

101-year-old Eleanor Gay has been visiting the Wimpy for her breakfast every day since 1979.

“I love it here,” She laughed.

“They do a lovely banana split and don’t charge to refill my tea, it’s restaurant of the year for me for sure.”

Although Mrs Gay received a free plate of chips as she told us this, there is no suggestion that the chips were in exchange for her positive endorsement.

The Good Food Guide refused to answer any queries regarding the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy not being named restaurant of the year.