Red Skull just standing up for free speech, says HYDRA spokesman

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The Red Skull is just expressing controversial ideas and is a champion of free speech, according to a Hydra spokesman this morning.

The Skull – who has a considerable following on fringe websites and in the so-called ‘dark web’ – is understood to have historic ties with far-right groups.

However, he denies the allegation, saying that Hydra is a peaceful group with members from all walks of life and unprovoked attacks by liberals like Thor and the Incredible Hulk were to blame for any confrontation.

“The fake news media always focus on Red Skull, but you never hear about the violence from the Avengers,” he said.

“They’re incredibly violent but Obama never criticised them; he just invited them to the White House.

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“How about some balance? A lot of Hydra members feel their culture is under threat and the destruction of Baron Von Strucker’s castle is deeply hurtful to them. You should be reporting that more.”

Critics of the President have said he should be more overt in his condemnation of Red Skull, but some fear he may have Hydra sympathies himself.

“The President supports all good Americans and not just ones in green tunics and goggles,” a Whitehouse spokesman told us.

“And he gets very upset when people call him the Orange Skull, so please stop.”