Man photographed enthusiastically waving flaming torch at a Nazi rally unhappy at people calling him a Nazi

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A man repeatedly photographed holding a flaming torch at a neo-Nazi rally has declared his unhappiness at being called a Nazi.

Chuck Williams, 22, has said the incessant media accusations of him being a Nazi are ‘grossly unfair’, considering all the media actually has to support their claims are photographs of him doing the things they said he did.

He told reporters, “Look, just because I attended a neo-Nazi rally, dressed like the rest of the Neo-Nazis, and held a flaming torch while screaming the same slogans as the neo-Nazis doesn’t make me an actual Nazi.

“I think it’s terribly unfair that the mainstream media is using photographs of the things I definitely did to impugn my character in public.

“As any good lawyer will tell you, I had a reasonable expectation of privacy when I drove to Charlottesville to take part in a publicly advertised Unite the Right rally for white supremacists and picked up my flaming tiki torch before marching through the public streets with the rest of the attendees.

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“I can not believe some disgusting media photographers took photos of our private rally, and sold them to the media to make money just so the media could report on the things we were doing. They should be ashamed, and you should not trust them at all.

“Just ask yourself this, if photographic evidence of someone enthusiastically partaking in a neo-Nazi rally is all you need to confirm that somebody is a Nazi, then what hope is there for a free society?”