Donald Trump’s Manufacturing Council now just him and man who outsourced his clothing line to China

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After the latest round of resignations, Donald Trump’s Manufacturing Council is now down to the president himself and the guy he hired to outsource the production of all Trump clothing to China.

Trump employee Chuck Williams told us, “Manufacturing is the heart of the American economy, which is why all Donald Trump branded ties all say ‘Made in China’.

“It’s a constant reminder that if we don’t do something about American manufacturing jobs, unscrupulous businessmen will give all the manufacturing work to the lowest bidder, even if they are Chinese.

“Donald Trump is sending all this manufacturing work to China as a lesson to those in power about what can happen if nothing is done about American manufacturing jobs.

“It’s a lesson that Donald Trump has definitely learned, from himself, extremely well.

President Trump responded to criticism that his Manufacturing Council was becoming a laughing stock by announcing the appointment of a new council member; Nancy Matthews, 8, who manufactures lemonade to sell on match-days at her local ball park.