Child unhappy with aerodynamic properties of Daddy’s shiny black frisbees

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An eight-year-old girl has admitted she is disappointed with the aerodynamic properties of her Dad’s collection of shiny black frisbees, after spending the day throwing them around in the garden.

Lily Williams found the collection of frisbees under the stairs after her dad went back to the living room to carry on ‘working from home’.

She told us, “He had loads of them, all boxed up under the coats and each one kept in their own envelope – he must have really liked frisbee when he was younger, as he just throws mine in the toy box.”

Williams went on to explain her methodology in assessing the frisbees.

She told us, “I took them into the garden because I wanted to find the best one. He hardly ever takes me to the park to play, so I thought if I could find the one that went the furthest then we could throw it together in the park.

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“It turns out the one called Stone Roses goes pretty far, but not as good as The Smiths or Depeche Mode.

“My favourite though is the funny coloured Appetite for Destruction one, which kept reaching all the way to the garage on almost every throw – well, it did until it smashed against the wall and broke in half.

“To be honest, these older frisbees are pretty lame, they go off in all directions and most of them can’t take a gentle collision with a tree without breaking.  Kids in the 80s had it really hard.”

Williams’ Dad has said he’ll come and see what she’s been up to in the garden just as soon as he finishes his important meeting that just happens to look a lot like watching a recording of Homes Under the Hammer.