You lost, get over it, Nazis told

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Nazi groups have been told they lost and it’s time to get over it.

As neo-Nazi groups and other far-right organisations gathered in Charlottesville to put forward their twisted ideology, everyone was keen to remind them the matter has already been settled.

Chuck Williams told us, “These Nazi-moaners need to realise the people have spoken, and they ensured the Nazis lost bigly over seventy years ago.

“They go on and on about the Nazi ideology being the model of the future, but they simply can’t accept that they were beaten, and very soundly – they really need to get over it.”

Organiser of the Unite the Right rally, Jason Kessler, told reporters that dismissing Nazis as ‘losers’ was undemocratic.

He went on, “Look, the second world war was a very close run thing, so I don’t think we can really call that result the end of the matter. We were within a whisker of winning, and could easily have triumphed but for a couple of unfortunate incidents.

“Millions of people wanted the Allies to lose, so should they now be silenced just because the result didn’t go their way? Should everyone now be a supporter of the Allies? That’s not how democracy works.

“I bet if we had another war today the Nazis would win in a landslide, but the establishment is too afraid to grant us that wish.

“The chicken-shit libtard cucks.”