Trump finally condemns White Supremacists after a neo-Nazi claims more people attended Obama’s inauguration

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Donald Trump has finally denounced white supremacist groups after a member of the KKK made the catastrophic mistake of claiming that Barack Obama’s inauguration had a bigger crowd than his own.

Billy-Bob Williams wrote on Twitter that Obama had a bigger crowd because “all blacks are unemployed” and that “the blacks obviously had nothing better to do that day”.

However, the implication that Obama had a bigger crowd, for whatever reason, was enough for Donald Trump to finally turn on his white supremacist supporters.

“Oh crap, that’s fucked it,” declared one neo-nazi upon hearing the news.

“We have a long held tacit arrangement with the president that he doesn’t openly criticise us, and we, in turn, all vote for him – but we’re also bound not to do anything that might damage his ego in any way whatsoever.

“Which means we can’t talk about his hair, his waistline, that tennis photo, his flip-flopping, his failed businesses, the lawsuits he’s settled, the casino he led to bankruptcy, the fact Hilary got more votes – and we especially can’t mention the fact that his inauguration was a sparsely attended affair that paled in comparison to Obama’s.

“You just don’t do it.  We were doing so well with him avoiding a direct criticism of our methods, but now it’s all gone to shit.”

Williams put his head in his hands after being shown a Trump tweet that read “White supremacists such big losers, so sad. Trump inauguration the biggest ever – fact. Lying supremacists just fake news – ignore!”