Donald Trump criticises ‘many sides’ in Charlottesville for interrupting his holiday

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President and walking satire of life in 2017 Donald Trump yesterday tweeted his condemnation ‘in the strongest possible terms this egregious interruption to my golfing holiday by many sides in Charlottesville’.

It is understood that when the President heard that a woman had been killed, he nearly sliced his approach to the fourth green.

Happily, he was able to maintain his composure in the face of the news and went on to record a really very, very impressive round.

“Once again we see that I am treated worse than any President,” said Trump.

“Is it too much to ask? For a President to have a simple 17-day golfing holiday at a luxury resort, without being interrupted by these guys, these people protesting just because some neo-nazis want to march.

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“Now, look, I don’t know what these neo-nazis want, I don’t. I really don’t. But I don’t think that it can be so bad, so very bad, that these other people have to come down and try and stop them marching and cause the problems, and cause the violence, that interrupts my holiday.

“So, my message is to let the neo-nazis march and, you know, I’m sure that it’ll work out fine.”

It is thought that the President will continue to handle the problems in Charlottesville by playing golf.

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