David Miliband calls for a second vote on the 2010 Labour leadership election

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David Miliband has called for the public to be given a second chance to vote on the 2010 Labour leadership contest between himself and his brother Ed.

The 2010 leadership contest saw David lose out narrowly to his younger brother Ed, a decision which David believes was not in the best interest of the country.

In an interview with the Observer published yesterday, the second most popular Miliband in 2010 explained “Seven years ago the members of the Labour party made a bit of a mistake in electing Ed as leader, and it had disastrous consequences for the party and the country.

“I mean, he’s a nice guy and everything, but he can’t eat a bacon sandwich to save his life, or at least his political credibility.

“As such, I think the best thing to do would be to have the 2010 vote again, so that people can make the right decision and with me at the helm of Labour save Britain from years of Tory leadership.”

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Ed Miliband responded by telling reporters, “He’s welcome to give it a go, by all means.

“Leading the Labour party is harder than it looks, what with all the in fighting, and the public’s bewildering ability to vote for the Tories no matter how bad it might be for them and the country in the long run.

“Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a bacon sandwich with my name on it.”

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