Americans delighted President Trump chose to sleep on it before denouncing violent racists as evil

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Americans across the US have announced their delight that their President chose to sleep on it, rather than rushing to denounce violent racists as being evil.

As Trump addressed the nation in a carefully scripted teleprompter address, citizens of every state insisted that ‘taking a day’ just to get your thoughts together was probably the right thing to do in the face incidents including a racist being arrested for murder.

Ohio resident Chuck Williams told us, “Dealing with violent white supremacists is a very complex issue and one that any good President needs to think about properly. He needs to consult with experts, and maybe even let his mind consider his position while he sleeps.

“I think I speak for all Americans when I say that I’m delighted that after this lengthy period of introspection, he has decided that racism and violence by white supremacists is a bad thing. It could so easily have gone the other way.

“Obviously him taking the alternative position wouldn’t have been great, but I was confident that the longer he thought about his position on violent white supremacists, the less chance there was of him actually deciding racism is ok.

“And ultimately I’ve been proven right on that. Which is a relief.”

Charlottesville residents have also welcomed the president’s words, with one telling us, “We’re delighted the president took a full 24 hours before condemning the white supremacists that brought violence to our streets.

“It would have been very unfair to have expected him to immediately denounce these racists publicly on Twitter.

“As our President, he should save his swiftest social media retribution for the truly awful incidents, like when someone criticises his approval ratings, or when a shop stops selling his daughter’s trinkets.”