Driving a car into people you hate only ‘terrorism’ if driver is brown, confirms US media

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The US media has confirmed that driving a car into people you don’t like with an intent to hurt them is only terrorism if the driver is brown and follows a religion you don’t like.

After 20-year-old James Fields was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder just hours after attending a right-wing ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, the media has been quick to avoid using the term ‘terrorist’.

“A terrorist is someone who tries to instil fear in the hearts of people who think differently than them,” explained one US media source we spoke to.

“No, this case is different.  A proper terrorist tries to instil that fear in other people to grow support for a twisted ideology they have been led to believe is the ‘truth’.

“No, this case is different. A proper terrorist believes the people they attack are somehow worth ‘less’ than them, and they can justify their violence on that basis.

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“No, this case is different. A proper terrorist has been radicalised by an evil movement with a long track record in limiting the rights of others while giving themselves overwhelming control over the lives of other people.

“No, this case is different. Look, proper terrorists are brown, ok?”

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