North Korea invades and conquers USA

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In a turn of events which has taken many military experts by surprise, North Korea has invaded and conquered the United States.

“We’ve known for years that North Korea was a formidable military superpower,” admitted Pentagon expert Simon-Bob Williams, as he watched the iconic Stars and Stripes being lowered to make place for the flag of North Korea, “but I guess we never knew just how formidable.

“Boy, how wrong we were.

“This is a lesson to us for underestimating the power of mighty North Korea.

“I guess we were right to be so scared of them all along.”

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A spokesman for the new regime agreed. “Now the American dogs will grovel under the benevolent iron heel of their new master, Kim Jong-un,” he told us, explaining, “Resistance is useless! Happiness is mandatory!”

He added, “All your base are belong to us.”

But Williams was sanguine about the impending prospect of North Korean rule. “Let’s face it,” he said, “however bad this Jong-un is, he’s gotta be better than the guy we had before.”