Lord Lawson invited onto BBC to argue that the Earth is ‘flat’

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Former government minister Lord Lawson has been invited onto the BBC as a science expert to present the argument that the earth is flat.

Lawson, a well-known proponent of scientific theories that are proven to be utter bollocks, spent ten minutes on the Today programme explaining why “round-earthers” were relying on bad data and ignoring the evidence of their own eyes.

He told listeners, “No, I do not hold any scientific qualifications and have not undertaken any independent study on the matter, but my garden is quite big, and I can see to the end of it – so how can the world be round?

“It is so obviously flat – just look out of the window.  I can drive for hours and still be on a perfectly flat road, for hundreds of miles.

“If the world were really round, my car would start going faster when I got to the downhill bit, and slower on the uphill part, but it always goes at the same speed – and that’s because the Earth is FLAT!”

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BBC listener Simon Williams told us, “I appreciated that the BBC strives for balance, and is duty bound to present both sides of an argument – but not all arguments have equal weight.

“There is a reason the bloke with the loud-hailer insisting the ‘end is nigh’ is stood on a street corner, and not on prime time radio – he’s talking complete bollocks.  It would be lovely if the BBC were a bit better at spotting bullshit.

“But hey, these conspiracy theorists must be good for ratings, and I guess even morons have to pay the licence fee.”