Radioactive Korean refugees won’t be welcome in Britain, insists fifty-two percent of UK

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Migrants fleeing the forthcoming nuclear holocaust on the Korean peninsula can piss off back to where they came from, according to a majority of Britons.

The bigots that make up just over half of the UK population have said a firm ‘no’ to workshy Koreans who glow in the dark and hunger after cocker spaniels.

Those fleeing Donald Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ are expected to slither into the UK via countries like soft-touch China, with its big fuck-off wall and repressive social policies, and Outer Mongolia.

However, some have called for a points-based system to allow highly skilled Koreans to secure jobs in the UK, with points deducted for being partly-vapourised or tipping the needle toward the red zone on a Geiger counter.

Anti-Korean hatemonger, Simon Williams, said, “They will come over here with their melted skin and their radiation sickness and expect the NHS to pick up the tab.

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“Not to mention the ones blinded by the initial blast who will no doubt expect a British guide dog to learn basic commands in Korean.”

Williams fears Korean children who’ve grown an extra head due to nuclear fallout have an unfair advantage over British children who are forced to do sums with just the one head.

“I’ve seen these so-called victims solve a quadratic equation in under six seconds,” he told us.

But even Williams agrees that Korean migrants with a radioactive half-life of fewer than twenty years could be used to light up British living rooms in the forthcoming extended nuclear winter.

He added, “I’ve never forgiven them for Pearl Harbour.”

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