Man outraged by Asian grooming gang ‘strangely quiet’ about thousands of priests molesting children

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A man has taken to social media to express his total outrage at the Asian grooming gang in Newcastle, after staying strangely quiet when thousands of priests abused children around the world.

Simon Williams, 55, has called the Asian gang “disgusting perverts” from a “culture for sickos” and called for authorities to “send ’em back”, insisting his thoughts are 100% with the victims.

He wrote on Facebook, “It’s what Muslims do, raping kids, we should throw them all out,” before linking to the latest well-thought through opinion piece on the EDL website.

Psychologist Michael Matthews explained Williams’ position by telling us, “If you’ve got 17 people abusing people over here, and 3,000 people abusing children over there – then yes, both groups are 100% made up of totally evil shits that deserve our complete disgust.

“But if you are saving all of your anger for the smaller group, and remaining silent about the larger group, I think it’s fair to question if there is actually another reason you don’t like that smaller group.

“To be clear, I believe people who abuse children should be locked up and the keys put down the nearest drain, whether they’re a Pakistani taxi driver, or a Catholic priest. They both make me sick.

“But I’m certainly not more disgusted by one or the other purely based on which fictional book of make-believe they choose to worship – that would be utterly bonkers.

“So if you’re only expressing outrage about one of those people, maybe, just maybe, you’re not so worried about child welfare as you are about what the perpetrator looks like.”