Newsreader very clear he doesn’t understand computers

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A local newsreader made it very clear that he didn’t understand computers during an interview regarding cyber security.

Simon Williams, who reads what passes for news on Channel 5, began the interview by claiming that ‘computers were a bit beyond me,’ a phrase he repeated nine times whilst introducing Eleanor Gay, an IT expert.

“It was a bit weird,” said Ms Gay.

“The first thing he said to me was that he didn’t even understand what email was, as if it was conceivable that a grown man in 2017 didn’t have email.”

Ms Gay then had a brief chance to explain the increasing challenges of cyber-security before Mr Williams interrupted to assure viewers that he had to get his wife to refill the printer with paper because he definitely didn’t understand computers.

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“One time I said, ‘you know your keyboard?’ and He just started banging the desk going ‘No, no, no.’ I was only being rhetorical.”

Mr Williams concluded the interview by assuring viewers that “anything about computers just goes way over my head. I’m a complete duffer with all of that.”

He then went on to interview a scientist whilst wearing a dunce’s hat and repeating the phrase ‘Science, eh? It’s just a load of mumbo-jumbo to me’.

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