Jeremy Corbyn condemns ‘violence done by all sides’ in Mordor/Hobbit conflict

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Jeremy Corbyn has condemned violence by both Mordor and The Shire in the ongoing Sauron/Hobbit conflict today.

Pledging his ongoing commitment to non-violence, Corbyn insisted that a lasting solution to the conflict would only be achieved when both sides sat down to create a dialogue and a process towards a Ring Of Power-sharing agreement which would take into account the ‘legitimate wishes’ of all parties.

Speaking to the BBC, Corbyn said that he was ‘very sad’ at lives lost in the battle plain of Dagorlad and condemned the violence used by all sides, insisting that talking is the only way to resolve differences.

He went on to say that a failure to diversify the economy of Mordor away from Rings of Power and blackened, volcanic ash lay at the heart of the problems faced by the country, and praised Sauron for rebuilding his Dark Tower in the face of ‘concerted opposition by agents of the White Council’.

Sauron, whose economic policies have reduced Mordor to a blasted wasteland roamed by gangs of goblins, was long seen as a champion of progressive politics in the South of the world – with wealth inequality in the country being amongst the lowest in Middle-Earth.

Formerly vocal supporters such as Owen Jones have come under fire for not cutting ties with the regime and instead claiming the failure of the ‘Mordor experiment’ owes more to covert Elvish influence than any failings of the policies themselves.

Corbyn has been criticised for appearing in Palantir visions where he praised Sauron for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared, and tweeting his condolences when the Lord of Bara-Dur was banished to an immaterial form at the end of the Second Age.

“Sauron has started acting in some ways like a dictator and whilst he may have done some questionable things, the utterly unprovoked attack by Eowyn on the Witch-King of Angmar has clearly set back any chance of constructive dialogue,” he said.

“I have only engaged with Sauron in a genuine attempt to influence his policies,” he clarified.