Google employee memo claims coding was historically the exclusive domain of caveMEN not caveWOMEN

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Women are not biologically suited to careers in technology, which is why all the pre-historic coders were men, according to a new memo by an anonymous Google employee.

The memo claims that advancing gender diversity in the technology workplace is a “bad thing” because women cannot physiologically deal with the demands of being sat at a computer all day.

It reads, “Name me one woman who achieved anything in the world of computers before women’s lib started being a thing in the mid 19th century – you can’t, because they didn’t achieve anything.

“Women are only achieving things in technology today because of diversity quotas and stuff.

“The simple fact is that men are much better suited to sitting looking at a screen full of code and tapping away until we find the thing that broke the thing.

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“That’s not a criticism of women, but they are just better at different things, like babies – and bringing coffee to the men who are trying to find the thing that broke the thing.”

We gave the memo to a psychiatrist to analyse its contents, who read it for approximately 45-seconds before telling us, “He missed out on a promotion to a woman, didn’t he?”