Games Workshop sued for $62.5m or one Warhammer starter set

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A Florida man is suing Games Workshop for US$62.5m or one starting Ultramarines army, ‘whichever is more’, according to reports today.

The suit is being brought by local player Simon-Bob Williams who went into ‘severe convulsions’ when he discovered his entire collection of plastic warriors had been rendered obsolete by recent rules changes.

“All I did was go into my local store and ask how much a starting 1,500 point Primaris Marine army for the new edition would cost.

“The next thing I knew I woke up on an emergency table and someone was telling me I’d died of shock for almost three minutes and I’d gone blind in one eye.

“Buying a new Thousand Sons Titan will ruin me, never mind the medical bills.”

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When told that Games Workshop would be releasing some 30th-anniversary special editions at competitive prices, Simon-Bob rolled into a ball and whimpered that they’d be hearing from his lawyer.

Games Workshop has rejected the suit as frivolous, insisting that their products are perfectly affordable for even relatively small countries.

“Obviously Greece has had some small trouble meeting the payments on the Warhound Titan miniature that they bought in 2007, but we’re confident that only a few more years of crippling austerity will see that cleared.

“They still haven’t been able to afford the paint for it, sadly.”