Woman praised for social media post defending her love for ‘thicker’ men

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A Swindon woman has won praise across social media after a heart-warming Instagram post declaring her love for her husband despite him being what society has deemed as ‘thick’.

Sharon Williams shared a photo of her husband, Simon, with a heartfelt message that resonated with men and women alike.

She explained to her followers, and the thousands who have shared her post, “I know that in modern society we have an expectation that people should be ‘bright’ and ‘engaged’, but that doesn’t mean that dim and uninteresting isn’t also beautiful.

“I have never seen Simon as anything other than the object of my unending affections, despite the fact he has the intellect of a bag of mince.

“I don’t care that some people wouldn’t look twice at him just because of the so-called societal norms that brand him a ‘moron’ or an ‘idiot’, all I see is a handsome thick man who is all mine.”

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Across social media, Williams has been praised for her honesty and enduring support for thicker men.

As one Twitter user explained, “Society might deem them less worthy, or less attractive, but for me, there is nothing more beautiful than a man who struggles to even do up his shoes in the morning.

“You can keep your entertaining intellectuals, bring me a nice thick simpleton any day of the week.”