Similarities between Donald Trump TV channel and North Korean News ‘purely coincidental’

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Any similarities between the new Donald Trump TV channel and the broadcasts of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea are nothing more than a coincidence, according to the White House today.

As Donald Trump TV debuted on Facebook – presented by the president’s daughter-in-law – the style of reportage has been hailed as ‘eerily familiar’.

With both channels choosing to heap unadulterated praise on their leader during footage of him congratulating military figures while domestic issues threaten the lives of their citizens, some have said Trump TV is basically a rip-off of the DPRK’s highly-rated original.

“You can criticise us, but we have to get the message out there directly to the people without the corrupt media telling their lies about our great leader,” explained the producer of one of the channels.

“The only place to find out the absolute truth about all the wonderful things our great leader is doing is right here on this channel,” explained a producer behind the other.

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“Everything else is lies, the only truth is here.” they both concluded.

American viewers have welcomed the new Trump TV show, claiming that hearing nothing but good things about their leader gives them a nice warm feeling in their tummies.

Chuck Williams explained, “Sometimes I worry when I read about all the failures he’s having; with Obamacare, and hiring the wrong people, and the Russia probe, and the grand jury, and passing zero major legislation, and him spending most of his time playing golf, and his record-low approval ratings – but then I watch an episode of Donald Trump TV news and suddenly everything is right with the world.

“Yes, of course I’d vote for him again, he’s made America Great Again, I saw it on the news.”

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