Parents keen for counterfeiters to have a go at making school uniforms

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Hard-up parents have invited counterfeiting gangs to have a go at creating knock-off versions of school uniforms that might actually be affordable.

Although supermarkets sell uniforms at budget prices, many families can’t take advantage because their schools insist upon clothing that’s branded with the school logo.

This has prompted a group of parents to write an open letter to the criminal underworld asking them to consider adding school blazers and jumpers to the bogus handbags, jewellery and y-fronts which they already manufacturer.

Nev Burke, a French polisher from Barnsley, was one of those who signed the letter.

“I knew it was going to be expensive this year when the school used a bailiff to deliver the uniform order form,” said the father of one.

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“There are 145 things on that bloody form too. Since when has a crushed velvet cape or an ornate codpiece been an essential item of school clothing?

“And this isn’t the first time that the school’s tried to rip me off either. Last year, appointments for parents evening were only available through Ticketmaster.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d do anything for my son; I’d give him the shirt off my back,” explained Mr Burke.

“It’s just unfortunate that, because the shirt isn’t from an official stockist, he wouldn’t be allowed to wear it to school.”