36,000,000,000 was too many zeroes to fit on the side of a bus, insist Brexiters

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The colossal Brexit severance payment contained far too many zeroes to fit neatly on a campaign bus, according to space-conscious Brexit morons.

Anti-EU twats claim that although they knew the amount was large, they couldn’t find a bus big enough to display the number without going over the wheel arches and around the back.

While a few moderate Brexiters agree that some sort of payment should be made, they privately admit they are unlikely to find a Bureau de Change that will handle that kind of money.

Leading Brexit campaigner, Simon Williams, said, “I’ll be the first to acknowledge that there were so many zeroes in 36 billion that we weren’t sure where to put the commas.

“Do we have them all together under the suitcase compartment – my personal favourite – or spread them out evenly like random streaks of bird shit – which is not so good from an aesthetic point of view.”

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He went on, “Plus the 3 and the 6 need to come after the passenger doors, otherwise boarding and alighting would lead to repeated bouts of numerical disorientation among core voters.”

Meanwhile, the Brexit campaign was accused of dishonesty and was quizzed as to why they couldn’t simply write 36 billion to offset their earlier grotesque fucking lies.

Williams responded, “If the average UK voter doesn’t know whether a billion means a thousand million or a million million – how the hell do you expect a Brexit voter to know.”