Holographic Margaret Thatcher to make headline appearance at ‘Tory Glastonbury’

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Conservative legend Margaret Thatcher will be appearing in hologram form on the main stage at the forthcoming ‘Tory Glastonbury’ festival, it has been revealed.

The festival, which has been organised by the mid-Norfolk MP George Freeman, will be held for one day in September and will give right-leaning party animals a safe space to let their hair down.

In scenes reminiscent of Tupac appearing as a hologram alongside Snoop Dogg at the 2012 Coachella festival, Margaret Thatcher is expected to appear as a shimmering blue figure on the mainstage alongside a line up of leading conservative figures.

Event co-coordinator Simon Williamsby-Toffer told us, “As this is a one-off event, we wanted to make it really special for all involved, and what better way to do that than get Maggie involved.

“The full line up is yet to be confirmed, but festival-goers can expect to see Jacob Rees-Mogg delivering a talk about the importance of having a good nanny, Boris Johnson speaking latin whilst balancing on a unicycle, and David Cameron doing a surprising and unique act with a pig, which we are all looking forward to.

“And then headlining we will have Theresa May running through a field of wheat to the stage where she will be joined by a holographic Thatcher.

“It will be amazing.”

Thoughtfully, he added, “My only concern is that some might mistake Thatcher for Emperor Palpatine.”