If British car sales keep falling how come there are still traffic jams, argue Brexiters

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Figures showing that car sales have fallen for four months running have today been dismissed by Brexiters, as there are clearly loads of cars on the roads.

Simon Williams, who was pretty confident that voting to leave the EU would increase the sales British-made cars despite the car prices, especially through export to the ‘colonies’, downplayed the idea that Brexit uncertainty was to blame for the drop in new car sales, or indeed that the official figures are to be believed.

“They say that the number of new cars sold has dropped for several months running, but I’d question who came up with these statistics – probably a bunch of bitter remoaners, or an expert or something.

“If people are worried about Brexit, it won’t stop them buying a car, will it? They will still need to get to work. Well, if they work for a company that isn’t moving its headquarters to the continent, that is.”

He added, “I mean, you just have to look around you. Cars everywhere! I got stuck in the M25 and the M4 yesterday, and last week my missus couldn’t park at Tesco’s.

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“And if that isn’t proof that the British car industry is alive and well, then I don’t know what is.”

Nigel Farage also addressed concerns, telling reporters, “Only the other day I purchased a new car, so that is one sale on the books and a victory for British industry.

“After all, I needed something to drive my kids to the German embassy to pick up their EU passports.”