Tighter border controls should not apply when I’m going on holiday, insists angry Brexiter

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Freedom of movement is only a great idea when going on holiday, according to a Brexit twat who voted to prevent it.

Arsehole Simon Williams, who voted Leave to ‘keep forriners out’, has been stuck in a passport queue for over six hours as a consequence of the increased border checks he’s been repeatedly demanding on his Facebook page.

Williams, who was already in a bad mood after receiving eighty-eight cents for his Great British pound, is now a mere six hundred metres from the full body scanners.

“I said increased border checks should keep the foreigners out. I said nothing about me going on holiday to one of their countries,” he told us.

“If you read my blog, it clearly states ‘put an end to the freedom of movement of highly-skilled, workshy foreigners coming here’ not the freedom of movement for me to spend a fortnight on an EU beach that falls within the recommended safety guidelines.”

Meanwhile, EU officials warned border checks within the Schengen zone would remain at a heightened level to keep out the sort of people Mr Williams writes about in block capitals.

Top EU man, Donald Tusk, said, “These queues are a mere trifle to the seemingly endless human centipede Mr Williams will endure every August once the UK has left the EU. Speedy boarding or no fucking speedy boarding.”

But Williams hit back, adding, “It’s an outrage. We could have been enjoying a full English down the St George pub in Mallorca by now.”

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