Emoji Movie a complete pile of 💩, critics confirm

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Critics are 😱 to report that the Emoji Movie is a complete and utter pile of 💩, they have said today.

The film, which is about the adventures of an emoji which can change its expression, has been surprisingly successful considering that most people’s reactions have been 😐 or 🙄 at best.

“I expected to be 😂 but instead I was like 😳 at just how bad it was,” said film critic Simon Williams

“When I started watching I was like 🤔 and then 😬 at how bad it is but I still had 🙏. But as time went on I got more and more 😖 and 😩 finally I was just 😭.

“I know this is a film for 👶 but I’m 😯 at how little effort they seem to have put in.”

Audiences have flocked to the film, leaving most people ☹️ at their fellow man.

When asked, the studio which produced the film said “🍆 🍑. We’ve got your 🤑 and that’s all we’re really interested in, suckers.

“We’re doing the Facebook Reactions movie next.”