‘A Great day at house Tyrell!’ tweets Lady Olenna

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Lady Olenna Tyrell called yesterday a ‘great day’ despite being forced to drink poisoned wine by Jamie Lannister.

Olenna Tyrell spent yesterday facing huge criticism for the looming disaster that will forever tarnish her family name.

However, she chose to sit patiently in her castle-seat at Highgarden waiting for the poison to take effect, taking the opportunity to reassure the surviving prisoners of House Tyrell that everything was not as chaotic as it seemed.

Earlier in the day she had tweeted “Land is most fertile EVER, cropmarket at all time HIGH, borders are SAFE. No chaos at HT”.

This, despite the fact she could see the army of Lannister soldiers gathering outside her gates.

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The Communications Director at House Tyrell was unavailable for comment.