Trump to angrily Tweet about Russia expelling 755 US staff just as soon as he has Putin’s permission to do so

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President Donald Trump is all set to write a stinging rebuke of the Russian government for expelling 755 US diplomatic staff, just as soon as he gets the OK from Vladimir Putin.

Despite taking to Twitter in seconds after seeing something he doesn’t like on Fox & Friends, the President has so far stayed unusually quiet for over 12 hours since Russia announced the expulsion of the US staff on diplomatic missions.

White House spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “The President might not even be aware of the expulsions yet – I’m not sure Fox news has covered it.

“And even if he is, it would be unwise to rush onto social media and angrily react to something you don’t yet fully understand – which is precisely how our Commander-in-Chief likes to deal with things. Yes it is, shut up.”

However, the lack of angry tweets about Russia giving the US a bit of a slap is not even remotely surprising to some in Washington.

Political analyst Bruce Winkfield told us, “Much as we make out Trump is an idiot, you’d have to be a special kind of idiot to publicly shitpost something about your boss – and Trump is no special kind of idiot; he’s just a normal run of the mill idiot.

“He’ll probably wait until he gets the OK from the boss, or maybe the Russians will write the Tweet for him – I surely can’t be the first to wonder if English is even the first language of whoever controls the President’s Twitter account?

“Then, later on, he’ll maybe tweet something about ‘dialogue’ and resolving the issue with the Russians.

“Or he’ll just tweet something incomprehensible about it being Hillary’s fault that these staff all got expelled. Your guess is as good as mine.”