Scaramucci fired after failing to do the fandango

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Anthony Scaramucci has been fired as White House communications chief after Trump learned he cannot do the fandango.

A White House spokesman said that ‘We will let him go’ after the Director of Communications, who only took the job last week, failed to impress the President.

Scaramucci, who had just begun, is understood to have gone and thrown it all away, with ‘thunderbolts and lightning’ reported between him and new Chief of Staff Kelly O’Dwyer.

He also made some controversial and unpopular statements about the administration, as when asked about Trump’s recent election win he said he wouldn’t compare it to being caught in a landslide.

“This is real life, not fantasy,” we were told. “Anthony can’t escape from reality, and the reality is the Trump administration wants someone who can carry on as if nothing really matters.

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“He’s just got to get right out of here.

“That’s just the way the wind blows.”

In a statement, Scaramucci said ‘Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go, got to leave it all behind and face the truth’.