Jeremy Hunt announces 21,000 new NHS jobs to treat mental health problems he created

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Jeremy Hunt has announced 21,000 new NHS posts to stem the flow of suicidal junior doctors.

The ambitious plan means more counsellors will be made available to talk beleaguered health professionals down from the roofs of tall hospitals.

Hunt faces the fallout of seven years of cuts to vital services, leading many Britons to make cuts to vital blood vessels.

The move will also include 4,800 extra mental health nurses recruited from EU workers who’ve already fled the country.

However, critics of the plan say his figures add up about as well as somebody with extremely low blood sugar due to a punishing schedule.

NHS worker, Simon Williams, said, “Anyone setting foot inside a British mental hospital will see the human face of Tory austerity, a face that is beetroot-red in a makeshift noose with its tongue hanging out to one side.

“The haunted expressions, the hopeless wild staring eyes, the arms reaching out for help. And then there are the patients.”

But Hunt hit back this morning, telling reporters, “It’s important that we recruit the right people by giving them incentives like a pay rise two percent below the level of inflation.”

He added, “I don’t want to stigmatise mental illness, but anyone who thinks this isn’t a good idea must be seriously disturbed .”