Sunday Times claims it never suspected hiring holocaust denier might lead to antisemitic articles

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The Sunday Times has sacked columnist Kevin Myers after insisting it was a complete shock to learn that hiring a holocaust denier could lead to the publication of antisemitic articles.

Myers had claimed in his article that BBC presenters Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkleman earned more than him purely because they are Jewish.

However, the Sunday Times said Myers’ article had left them scratching their heads as to how such a thing could appear in their publication.

A spokesperson told us, “We’re all shocked to learn that hiring a holocaust denier to write for us could lead to anything other than top quality journalism and well-researched opinion pieces.

“Obviously we took action the very moment we realised people were angry enough to stop giving us money.

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“There is a fine line between making people angry enough to keep buying the stuff we write, and making people sufficiently angry to stop buying it.

“This time, we got it wrong, and we promise that in future we’ll stick to writing stuff that leaves your anger at an appropriately lucrative level.”

Former Sunday Time reader Simon Williams told us, “On the plus side, sacking this holocaust denying antisemite will probably be the wake-up call he needs to give up on his belief that a global Jewish conspiracy is behind everything in his life being shit.”