Government decisively considering taking steps towards looking at eventual plans to maybe formulating a possible ambition for Brexit

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The bold and resolute move comes after Eurocrats in Brussels made the cowardly threat to cease talks, claiming the UK delegation had “no fucking clue”.

Michel Barnier, an EU commissar and full time Frenchman, continued his scurrilous accusations at a press conference in Brussels.

“Every meeting you people show up without even a pencil and look at us hoping we will tell you what to do. It’s absurd.

“The very first day, your Mr Davis said he want to hold trade talks in parallel with the exit negotiations. We said no. It took him seven hours of staring at his papers and muttering just to process that. Seven hours! Work out what you want and come back when you’re ready.”

Simon Williams, a proud English patriot whose Facebook profile picture is an upside-down Union Jack with “indinpendense” [sic] scrawled across it, said he supported the government’s clear vision.

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“About time Johnny Wog and the EUSSR got into their foreign heads that Brexit means Brexit.

“We’re leaving and we’re going to get the best possible deal and that’s all there is to it. So jog on Pavel, and take your mosques with you.”

In the meantime, Quislings from the Europhile media continue to undermine the will of the people by claiming nobody in the nation has any idea how to proceed.

Some have even treacherously highlighted that every policy decision on Brexit by a Tory or Labour politician was inevitably contradicted within the hour by a colleague.

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