Nigel Farage’s endorsement set to make ‘Dunkirk’ a hit with teenagers

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Executives at Warner Bros are said to be overjoyed that Nigel Farage gave their blockbuster a well-needed aura of street cred.

Amanda Tinnock, a publicist for the historical epic explained that personal recommendations by respected youth icons like the former UKIP leader were more important to tech savvy youth than traditional marketing methods.

“Frankly you couldn’t buy that kind of publicity. Nigel has authenticity and sex appeal going for him.

“He talks to youngsters in a way they can relate to and, in return, they give him their respect. Christopher Nolan is chuffed to bits. Nigel is a bit of a hero to him.”

Mr Farage’s thumbs-up to Dunkirk has galvanised an industry that is struggling to lure a generation whose phone is the primary mode of entertainment, as explained Simon Williams, film critic for the Sunday Telegraph.

“A snazzily dressed Nigel telling the kids to go the movies could be a game changer.

“Nolan’s war film is a masterpiece of cinematography but the subject is a bit ponderous. But if admired personalities can encourage youngsters to consider such topics, then deep movies may have a long future.

“We might even see an increase in sales of yellow ties. Lol.”

For those aware of the youth’s tendency to use negative terms like “sick” or “wicked” to indicate approval, social media shows that Mr Farage’s message was well received.

A tweet affectionately calling him a “creepy frog-faced cuntbubble” was shared over 14,000 times in just one hour.