Shock as wholesome role model Vinnie Jones reveals dark side

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The country was left reeling after Vinnie Jones, the clean-cut actor once dubbed the Cliff Richards of football, tweeted a picture of 100 foxes he claims to have killed. 

Many of his fans took to social media to express their dismay.

Amanda Tinnock, the administrator of Vinnie’s Vamps Facebook group, said that the news left her aghast but that did not change the legacy of the former heartthrob.

“He’s probably getting bitter with age, but I will never forget what a breath of fresh air he was in the Nineties.

“The way he allowed himself to be emotional. The ambiguous homoerotic relationship with Gascoigne. His love of fashion and grooming.

“And then he embraced the Thespian life and made such wonderful movies about finding friendship amidst urban decay. He was the first to truly reconcile masculinity and fragility.”

The offending tweet has since been deleted, but some fans believe it was a prank gone wrong. Simon Williams, who impersonates Vinnie Jones at children’s parties, believes the celebrity’s mischievous side got the better of him.

“He likes a joke, our Vin. Once I was lucky enough to spot him in a restaurant eating with his family. Of course, I squealed and ran up to him to get selfies. Like a true gentleman, he got up, called me his son and also that I was brown bread, whatever that means.

“Then he gave me several Maori greetings which unfortunately broke my nose. I would have been happy with a picture. Heart of gold I tell you.!”