Corbyn tells wife: “I said I would deal with the bins, not necessarily empty them”

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Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of backtracking by his wife today, when his promise to “deal with” their household’s bins turned out to not actually mean emptying them.

Laura Alvarez told reporters, “He told me he’d deal with the bins. I assumed that meant he’d empty them. It’s bin day for fuck’s sake.”

Corbyn says that his pledge has been ‘wilfully misrepresented’, stating, “I am looking at ways to reduce the amount of rubbish in this household’s bins, but did not make a firm commitment to emptying them.

“What I said was that I would deal with the bins, and I am looking at other ways to reduce the rubbish burden.”

Corbyn admitted that he was “unaware” of the total amount of rubbish in the house, particularly in the upstairs bathroom bin, which he rarely used.

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This is not the first time that the couple have clashed over domestic issues, with Alvarez reminding reporters that Corbyn had said time and again that he’d get rid of an expensive burglar alarm system that had never worked properly, but that he never actually got round to cancelling the direct debit.