Chlorine delicious, insists Brexiter

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There is nothing more delicious that a bit of chlorinated chicken, according to that Brexiter you know.

As the UK government refused to say that chlorinated chicken would be banned from the UK post-Brexit, those in favour of leaving the EU said they actually prefer their chicken to be bleached before cooking.

Brexiter Simon Williams told us, “There is a reason you always leave the swimming pool starving hungry, it’s because the chlorine has set your stomach off, and left you craving the chemical goodness it’s been teased with.

“If the local pool started selling chlorinated chicken breasts in the vending machine instead of that watery chicken soup, they would do a roaring trade, I guarantee it.

“Thank God our American brothers will be able to satisfy our cravings for this delicacy once we discard the yoke of the EU and their strange desire to see chickens raised in clean and healthy environments that result in a disgustingly natural taste.”

Others have insisted that although chlorinated chicken wasn’t expressly mentioned in the Leave campaign brochures, it was heavily implied.

Brexiter Sharon Wilkins said, “It might not have been on a bus, but I know it was definitely drawn in dirt on at least one white van somewhere on the M6.

“Trust us, when Brexit finally happens, the fact that you’ll be eating chlorinated chicken will seem like such a minor thing, there is really no reason to get worked up about it.”

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