Police to update verbal cautions to include phrase ‘put your hands on the car and prepare to die’

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The Police Federation is preparing to update the wording of their cautions to reflect the apparent popularity of the phrase ‘prepare to die’.

The move comes after a citizens arrest by Fergus Beeley went viral for its dramatic flamboyance and creative use of language.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told us, “We always thought that the phrase ‘prepare to die’ belonged to characters like Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, but it seems the public have really got behind it.

“Admittedly so far only with citizens arrests, but I imagine a police officer telling you to prepare to die would be just as popular.”

Meanwhile, Beeley has been approached to take the role of Montoya in a Princess Bride remake, after producers said his performance in the viral clip displayed the sort of passion normally only seen in Hollywood movies.

They told us, “Beeley has definitely got it. We don’t know what it is – talent, a short temper, an inability to keep a lid on his emotions – maybe all of the above, but whatever it is, we want it on the big screen.”