Since we’re all being so honest, let’s see how much politicians earn, says BBC

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The BBC has revealed that it will now focus its investigative journalism on the wealth and income of senior members of the government.

Although the corporation denies this is linked to being forced to reveal their top salaries, the move has been dubbed by insiders as “Operation Fuck You Too”.

Programming Director Simon Williams whose salary will be revealed today, said that the BBC has taken on board the new mood for transparency.

“We have wholeheartedly committed to the wonderful idea that the public has the right to know a person’s finances if they take public money. Second jobs, directorships, that sort of thing.

“Philip Hammond used to work for the Malawi government. Now I’m sure a financial consultant for an East African government is as pure as the driven snow, but let’s have a look.

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“Just like Liam Fox. Don’t you wonder what Adam Werritty is up to now? Because Panorama is going to find out.”

Mr Williams also stated that the BBC was taking steps to ensure license fee payers got value for money.

“The era of the long lunch on expenses is over.

“When we send twenty journalists fanning across Europe to see if any prominent brexiteers own continental property in their spouse’s name, those reporters will travel economy class.”

However, political expert Amanda Tinnock says that the move was unlikely to impact support for the Conservatives.

She explained, “This is the party where Jacob Rees-Mogg is a leadership contender, and he’s basically a caricature of an evil Toff in a Socialist Worker’s publication. Only less realistic.”

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