New banknotes featuring women to be worth 20% less than male money

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New banknotes featuring important women in the nation’s history will be worth 20% less in order to reflect how society values modern women.

The Bank of England revealed that the novelist Jane Austen will feature on the new £10 note when it comes into circulation later next year.

However, to ensure that the new notes truly reflect society’s attitudes to female equality, the notes will be worth only £8.

A spokesperson for the bank explained, “Yes, the female banknotes are doing precisely the same job as the male banknotes, but unfortunately society currently dictates that they’re actually worth less.

“However, we feel that everyone should focus on the positive side of this story, and that is to see how female money is now allowed to do the job of male money, and that it’s doing it just as well.

“One day, society will be ready to value female money as highly as male money; but that day is not today.”

Consumers have welcomed the move, with Basingstoke resident Simon Williams telling us, “I’m all for women’s rights and female equality. I’m basically a feminist with testicles.

“So how about we address the gender pay gap by giving women a 20% pay rise, but then just pay them with these new banknotes – surely that’s a deal we call all get behind?”