Multi-millionaire Daily Mail editor directs public anger towards BBC stars who earn fraction of his salary

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The editor of the Daily Mail has decided that public anger is best directed towards talented BBC stars rather than peddlers of lies and hatred in the printed media.

Paul Dacre today devoted the front page of his squalid little rag to whipping up anger towards BBC stars who earn more than the Prime Minister, while forgetting to mention that he earns millions of pounds every year for printing nonsense.

Daily Mail spokesperson and blithering idiot Simon Williams defended the decision, telling us, “People who pay the license fee have a right to know what it is being spent on.

“True, they could figure this out just by turning on the TV and seeing which recognisable faces fill the screen on a regular basis, but that would be too easy. They need to be told the appropriate emotional response to this information, and that is where we come in.

“What’s that? How much does the editor of the Mail earn? Sorry mate, got to go now. Deadlines and all that.”

One source at the BBC who features on the list laughed when he saw today’s Mail, responding “I don’t like buying the Daily Mail and thereby paying this chap’s salary, but honestly for what it costs it is the best value bog-roll around.

“It may not be as soft as the leading brand, but it is just so satisfying to use.”