Men threaten boycott after a woman is made main character on new ten-pound note

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The decision to feature a woman on the new ten-pound note has upset many men who are now threatening to boycott the popular currency denomination in protest.

“They’ve bloody ruined currency with bloody PC nonsense. It’s a disgrace, I’ll not be using ten-pound notes anymore,” tweeted a man with a healthy well-rounded attitude to society.

The woman featured on the new ten-pound note is Jane Austen, an author best known for getting Colin Firth to take his shirt off and have a big splashy paddle.

“For goodness sake, I suppose It’ll be ten-pound notes having periods next,” wrote another man with an astute understanding of biology.

Simon Williams, somewhat inevitably, had his say on the matter.

“I’m not sexist or anything,” he said, leading absolutely no-one to raise their eyebrows.

“But you simply don’t put women on ten-pound notes. They’ve always had men on them. They were designed to have men on them. Putting a woman on a ten-pound note is just part of the femi-nazi agenda to rub men’s faces in bras and dresses and tampaxes and make us all do housework while they all go to coffee mornings.”

The ten-pound note also features a small braille character indicating the value.

“Don’t even get me started on that,” continued Mr Williams.

“Making life a little easier for blind people? Political correctness gone mad, mate.”