Starting BBC salary for female Doctor Who less than male trainee Dalek

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The new female Doctor Who has kicked up a shitstorm after discovering her starting BBC salary will be substantially less than a male Dalek fresh out of RADA.

Following the BBC’s decision to publish a list of high-profile salaries, the newly-regenerated Jodie Whitaker blamed a culture of sexism extending throughout the galaxy.

After looking at the small print on her contract, Whitaker is also seeking legal advice over a clause that mentions ‘basic tardis cleaning duties’.

Whitaker said, “Trainee Dalek sixty grand and a bonus for stairs? Males need only apply!

“Then you’ve got the Cybermen – they’re on about fifty grand with Gallifrey weighting. Plus time and a half for Saturday mornings. They were only in it once!”

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BBC spokesman, Simon Williams, said, “We inserted that cleaning clause at the eleventh hour. After twelve male occupants, the tardis is a right old mess. Jelly baby wrappers everywhere..”

But Whitaker hit back, adding, “I don’t remember Peter Davidson’s beautiful companion getting down on her hands and knees – at least – not for cleaning duties.”

Meanwhile, Williams defended the new Doctor’s measly salary, telling reporters, “Her starting salary might look small, but like the tardis, it’s actually a lot bigger than you think it is.”

He added, “Anyway, Peter Davidson might have been a shit Doctor, but he was guaranteed not to get up the duff and go on maternity leave for twelve months.”