George RR Martin confirms Arya Stark has suffered enough

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George RR Martin has confirmed that he can’t think of anything worse to do to Arya Stark today.

Killing her dad, blinding her and brutalising Arya are nothing to meeting Ed Sheeran, said the series creator.

Meeting the inexplicably popular warbling midget by the road is Arya Stark’s last step on the path to becoming a rage-fuelled psychopath, Game of Thrones producers said.

“This is where Arya really hits rock bottom,” producers told us.

“Everything she’s been through has led her to this point, where the deaths of all she loves and the destruction of her home and heritage are thrown into sharp relief by a warbling goblin by the side of the road.

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“She’s been restrained until now, but this is what really tips her over into ape-shit bonkers.”

In the next episode, Ed will show up in the North, where he’ll sing “When your legs don’t work like they used to before” at Bran Stark.