The Mail on Sunday confidently predicts that the BBC has chosen the wrong person to be Doctor Who

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Although the identity of the 13th Doctor isn’t yet known, The Mail on Sunday has confidently predicted that the BBC has chosen the wrong person for the role.

In a strongly worded editorial, Britain’s angriest tabloid accused the Beeb of being a sexist, misogynistic dinosaur if it failed to cast a woman as the next Doctor.

However, it also said that it was crucial to cast a man in the role, stating that “The new Doctor must be male. Having a woman Doctor would be like asking a Scot to play someone quintessentially English like James Bond.”

The Mail also explained that it was imperative that the new Doctor was a person of colour but essential that he didn’t come from an ethnic minority.

Despite committing over 50,000 words to Doctor Who in today’s edition of their newspaper, it’s no secret that The Mail on Sunday has long been a critic of the BBC’s flagship sci-fi programme. In the 1930s, for example, it published an article entitled ‘Hurrah for the Daleks’.

It has also been alleged that The Mail initially tried to use the Sunday Trading Act (1994) to prevent the BBC from making its announcement today.

However, dedicated Whovian Simon Williams suggested that there was at least one similarity between Doctor Who and The Mail on Sunday.

“Just like the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, The Mail on Sunday is much shitter on the inside,” he explained.