Doctor Who fans watch sport for the first time ever

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Legions of Doctor Who fans caught several minutes of televised sport, many for the first time, this evening.

In their haste to learn who the new Doctor will be, tens of thousands of fans were confused by the spectacle of a man running when he wasn’t being chased by an Ice Warrior.

The BBC was inundated with complaints from viewers who saw David Tennant in the Wimbledon crowd and believed it to be some sort of spoiler, or who thought that shots of someone chasing a ball were footage of some kind of ground level Quidditch match and started cheering before they realised their error.

“The people dressed in white chasing about weren’t even the robots from Krikket, which was an unused Douglas Adams script,” avid Whovian Simon Williams told us.

“The last time I saw any televised sport was when I turned on to watch ‘The Horns of Nimon’ a few minutes early in 1979 and caught the closing minutes of Grandstand.

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“Ooooh, it was awful. Never again,” he added with a shudder.

“If you want to get me interested in sport, put the Olympic hundred metres final in a cardboard corridor that wobbles when you nudge it. I’d be sold on that idea.”