Trading Standards request the ‘Great’ in ‘Great Repeal Bill’ replaced with ‘F**king stupid’

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The ‘Great Repeal Bill,’ published by the Government yesterday faces its first test as the National Trading Standards group took issue with the use of the word ‘Great’.

“I don’t think that, by any measure, this repeal bill could be considered ‘great’,” said Simon Williams, a Trading Standards representative.

“We would ask the Government to consider replacing the word ‘Great’ with something more appropriate – ‘F**king stupid’ springs readily to mind.

“I understand that there may be some who balk at such language in a Government bill, and it is certainly unprecedented, but if ever there were a time to use the phrase ‘f**king stupid’ in a Government bill then surely it is now.”

Mr Williams had some other suggestions if ‘f**king stupid’ wasn’t adopted.

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“Yes, ‘pointless,’ ‘ridiculous,’ ‘first step in a potentially ruinous venture’ – admittedly, that last one doesn’t really scan brilliantly as the name of a bill, but it captures a spirit.

“Frankly though, I see no reason not to go with the ‘f**king stupid Repeal Bill.”

If the recommendations prove successful, Mr Williams would like to see the word ‘Great’ replaced with ‘f**king stupid’ in a variety of other situations.

“Yes, Great Britain, the Great Outdoors and Basil the Great Mouse Detective might all benefit from consideration.”

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