Labour stuns the political world by threatening to vote against the Conservatives

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Keir Starmer created a storm in Westminster yesterday after announcing that Labour was contemplating the radical step of not completely siding with the Tories on Brexit.

“We really mean it! If the government does not discuss the matter with us and read our suggestions booklet then we are ready to consider not allowing their legislation to sail through. Don’t make us do it!”

However, some political insiders believe this radical stance could be a sign of inner turmoil in the party, as explained Momentum member Simon Williams.

“It is at odds with Labour’s previous tactic of rubber stamping anything with Brexit written on it.

“After all, it’s his signature strategy to sack any MP that votes against May’s policies. He’s playing the long game, and he’s not interested in petty victories like stopping the Tories’ legislative agenda.

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“He’s so brilliant! Did you see him at Glasto?”

More signs of a PLP rebellion were evident when the Labour Leader bowed out of PMQ and allowed Emily Thornberry to lead questions.

She was expected to use Mr Corbyn’s customary technique of reading tragic letters from Yorkshire nurses while letting Theresa May say what she wants.

Instead, in what has been termed an “act of heinous betrayal”, Ms Thornberry spent an hour asking pointed questions and making her Conservative opponent look like a semi-literate Hooray Henry killing time in Parliament until he inherits the family castle.