Couples urged to avoid attempting Dirty Dancing lift unless man is built like 1987 Patrick Swayze

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Trying to lift your partner above your heard is a terrible idea if you’re built like the average Brit, according to experts today.

After a couple were predictably injured attempting the lift, medical professionals have insisted they could have predicted the outcome with just a cursory glance at the pair of them.

Dr Simon Williams told us, “Look, Patrick Swayze was a professional dancer, and worked out specifically for that role – Jennifer Grey was a skinny 5 foot 3 inches tall – and they STILL started trying the lift in the water.

“I know that after a few drinks, everyone thinks they can lift their partner over their head as gracefully as any Hollywood star, but let me assure you, you can not.

“No, you can’t.

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“If you look like you’re more accustomed to lifting pies into your mouth, than weights over your head, I’m going to tell you now that attempting the lift is going end in an injury for you and your partner, and hilarity for anyone lucky enough to be watching.

“You might think your build is ‘athletic’, but all we ask is that if the athlete you most resemble is famous for throwing darts, please make sure someone is videoing the attempt before you start.”