Sadiq Khan accused of ignoring London’s White Walker problem

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Following a recent sighting of the terrifying zombie makers around Oxford Circus, right-wing pundits have accused the Mayor of London of being a soft touch on undead invaders.

Katie Hopkins appeared on Breitbart UK’s video channel to accuse Mr Khan of putting Londoners at risk by refusing to acknowledge the threat posed by “foreign intruders intent on imposing their backwards ideology on ordinary decent Englishmen.”

She later tweeted a call to intern all albinos and Scandinavians as a precaution.

Simon Williams, the senior political commentator at the Daily Mail, argued that Sadiq Khan was prioritising his radical left wing agenda to the detriment of counter-zombie preparations.

He explained, “He’s still holding the torch for the failed social experiment that is multiculturalism.

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“He finds the money to police the Notting Hill carnival and Gay Pride but where’s the stockpile of Dragonglass?

“We know there is an acute shortage of police officers trained to use Valyrian steel. Sadiq probably keeps them too busy going on sensitivity courses to celebrate White Walker culture.”

More direct action against The Others has also raised concerns about vigilantism. Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson said that his controversial Anti-Walkers Patrol would continue despite a recent incident where several members of his group got drunk and ransacked an Iceland store in Croydon.

Mr Khan has so far refused to comment but the story has now become an international hot topic after Donald Trump retweeted a Fox news story about swathes of London now being no-go areas for the warm-blooded.

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